Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Another sort of terrorist (after 5.00am series)

She listened through the keyhole
and heard heartbreak
A thousand sniffles and tears
and then there were none
The keyhole became her entire universe
for awhile
Through it she could feel their pain
bloom and spread
While her blood thundered
and pounded in her head

Where could she go?
How would people know?
Maybe a fresh start
somewhere else
would do her some good
Maybe she should shake up
the local bar to get her more food
Or was that Shake down?
Her vocabulary was odd.
She felt dizzy.
Through the haze
She shook her head sorrowfully
She hung her head and thought
macabre thoughts of their deaths

Before she could think
Or feel any further
a sound came from the door
She knew in a split second
that this was too much
All the drama and hurting
Despite the three
she had so brazenly attacked
and killed without pause

When the door
shuddered open suddenly
and the whole household
Stared reproachfully
at her senseless murder
of three of their own

She had eaten
their entire month's store
of three large jars of Nutella

... ...

She needed more chocolate dammit.

... ... ...


-Anne V

Well this piece to me, felt suitable enough for  Poetry Jam's writing prompt: An Impossible Place I hope it fit the mood, and apologies for only adding the link belatedly!


Brian Miller said...

hopefully she enjoyed it...cause i think it might take her a little while to live this one got me....i did not see that one coming...

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thanks Brian :)

Mary said...

You have really created a fascinating drama here. You caught me by surprise with the ending. Ha!

Gabriella said...

Unexpected twist at the end. Well-done!

Mary said...

Anne, do you think you could make rounds through others who post here this week (and even perhaps last week's)? As you indicate being deeply moved that people took the time to give you comments, so also would the rest of us appreciate you taking the time to comment on our work as well. Thank you.

Arushi Ahuja said...

Haha.... A nutellla theif.... I was reallly surprised by the ending.... Haha

Donna Smith said...

Oh, the horror! Caught in the addiction. Nicely done!

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I will be visiting everyone of course. Sorry Mary I missed a few last week and this week I have not started my rounds yet, except for several poets whom I have already visited the past days. :) will get cracking!

Mary said...

Thanks, Anne, for your visit and also for your positive attitude!! Truly I do understand that sometimes are harder than others to comment...and I appreciate your efforts greatly! Smiles.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Whoa! You TOTALLY got me with this one.....given the news is so full of killings, I totally fell for it. Well done.

Peggy said...

Oh yes Nutella--three jars sound about right to me! thanks for posting this

Gillena Cox said...

You took me to a dark place, then switched on a universe of smiles on me, that was naughty

Much love...

Sumana Roy said...

oh dramatic hahaha...

Gail said...

Unusual twist. Like it.

Poet Laundry said...

Ha! Give the lady her chocolate! kids love it...and I admit, I kinda like it too...smiles. You really had me with this. I thought I was reading an intense drama and got caught up with the story...and then boom...nicely done.

Helen said...

Hello! I've taken time to read through more than several of your poems ~ YOU, dear Anne are quite a talented writer!

SaraV said...

Thank you for the fun! You had me going that last line :-)

manicddaily said...

Understood! Great stuff -- both the poem and Nutella. Ha. Thanks, I am smiling here! K.

grapeling said...

dark, darker, ... chocolate! fun pen ~

alan1704 said...

Excellent the power of chocolate. Or is it lust and temptation? More here than a great poem. Well done.

Arathi Harihar said...

after reading i wanted chocolate too..smiles..very nice poem..loved the end..made me smile for a long daughters just love nutella..

Kimiko Martinez said...

Great story. Pulled me the whole way through. And what a great twist!

Grace said...

That ending was so unexpected and funny...ha..h.a... Thanks for your lovely comments at my posts ~ Have a lovely weekend ~

Swathi Shenoy said...

hehe :D Now I wish I can have some chocolate too :) Oh who wouldn't love chocolates! :D

mrs-minerva said...

Wooha! You really got me with that unexpected twist at the end! I couldn't help but to laugh. And I found it even funnier thanks to that dramatic, tense scene you had created previously. Masterpiece!

Brian Miller said...

when i am in need of inspiration i have an exercise i do...i go somewhere...and close my eyes and listen...then look...and try to take it all in...and then recreate it in words....

go for it...smiles.

Loredana Donovan said...

This was so well written, Anne, with a great twist!! I love Nutella ... it's not just the chocolate but that hazelnut flavor that's a killer ... haha :)

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