Saturday, 12 April 2014

the other dimension of Atlantis

Hope floats out into the night o flying ship
Between the stars and the inky darkness
The sounds of Olympian waves approach
Icy flow and lightning fast undertow

Sea-dragons of water circle the globe
Their tails smacking into the earth
Hundreds of smiles hide their pearly gaze
They flew over the deep in search of hope

Flying time-ship that sank into the sea
Were your walls for awhile shimmering?
Did you see the search planes hovering
As you floated into the waters of Atlantis?

A graceful dolphin in another atmosphere
No crash no wreckage no death no fears
Alive in a shiny vortex light-years away
As piano keys sing it a smile hides tears

What can we say about hope and faith
Smile for it begins hearts turn to stardust
Life is fleeting and heaven's golden doors
Become the other dimension of Atlantis

Live life lightly hopefully dreamily
The silent end comes without warning
Float into the night on silvery angel wings
Pray for them eternity's heroes heroines all

May you live on as citizens of Poseidon
May you fly between the glowing starlight
And the shiny golden skies of heaven's race
Angels who voyage through time and space

(a tribute to the missing)

Anne V 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

the trees, they rise up

The world swings back and forth 
First it loves you then it hates you
But you do what you came to do 
And the trees will rise up to greet you

-Anne V

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Firebombs for my Valentine

I never asked you for your love

You gave it to me blindly

Now how should my icy soul


-Anne V

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

you know what this is so don't ask me

My cauliflower loyalty

My cauliflower duty

It is lovely when raw

It keeps my senses clear

My cauliflower love

It stinks up your car

With cauliflower winds

-Anne V

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

In the silence and the solitude

In the silence and the solitude
A yearning distant bell tolls
The days like years they fly past
In a misty blur of clock-driven tomorrows 

We wake up each dawn to silence
When will this steadfast search for hope win?
Between the devil and the deep blue sea

We wonder where our fortunes lie
And ponder if death and Judgment awaits
What did the devil ever do right
Did he ever make this world a better place?

The deep blue sea roars its song to the skies
Airplanes float above soundlessly almost
The silence and the solitude achingly blows
Hope needs resilience to grow

Sometimes freedom is looking up and away
Blankets and dry land a hazy memory
Marooned on an ocean-locked steel island 
Far from the cacophony of radio and telemetry

Heirs to a living Atlantis
Silhouettes flowing in the sunlight
Red lips and shiny eyes
Dancing in the roaring winds

Anne V

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Fleet of Bees

The winds buzz like a fleet of bees
The rain pours down in spirals
Saffron fingers stream across
Streaking the deserted footpaths
With slippery ribbons of danger

-Anne V

Friday, 7 February 2014

Grandma Sacilie Malley's 100 day memorial

Perfume of lemon flowers in the air
I feel your soul walk gently near 
Your love brought me joy once
A thousand happy smiles

-Anne V (5 November 2013)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

an olive branch submitted to the cosmos

An orange mist lifts up from the surface of the water
The wind blows with a thousand hands 
Four score years and then some lived in blackness
The ground is parched drier with each hot summer
Nothing drinks the water nothing lives in the hills

A red glow blows below the horizon 
The sun bounces its wild fingertips across the moon
Four score years and then some lived in silence
The cracks in the midnight sky bring up memories
Of battered piano keys and whispered stories 

A purple stain follows the easterly winds
The moon coughs its bedraggled rays at us all
Four score years and then some and then some
The riverbed dreams of hopeful currents 
And a bell-like tickle of living fins

A blue splash of sky leaps behind the clouds
The world tries and tries to play its song
Four score years and then someone murmurs
The ocean imagines that Poseidon dances again
Amid a swashbuckling school of flirty seahorses

A green flash of life tiptoes over the earth
An olive branch submitted to the cosmos
Four score years and then some
The earth stretches out for a return of its Love
Surrounded by rolling rainbows raining bliss

-Anne V


Dragonfly Love

Zig zag it flies I hear the wings whirr 
I look up and see a graceful dragonfly
Flying in through the open windows
Wings translucent blue shimmering
With flashing glints of diamond pink 
A purple crown on its regal black head 
Then a sawing buzz that falters shivers
It sees me and my 3D silent feelings 
The little dragon somehow knows I am kin
It buzzes against the closed sliding doors
Climbing up the light white curtains 
Looking for a place to land and sigh
Does the gauzy lace material remind it
Of days and dimples long past?

-Anne V

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A march of hopeful tomorrows

Flying through a screen of yesterdays
I crash land into a stone and brick wall
The stones move and the bricks break
My spirit melts them down to dust
And I am standing in front of blue skies
Open windows blowing winds sunlit rays
A March of hopeful tomorrows beckon
The cold melts and the levee fills with warmth 
My heart drinks up the bubbling waters
And I am skipping over the clouds renewed

Flying through a gauze of tomorrows
I hope for a bouncy landing to come
A velvet carpet of smiles and laughter
My soul learns to smile again
And I become the epitome of joy
Is this an alternate universe?
Death and disease unknown
The laws of physics mean nought
One where happiness floats
and hope is an eternal blissness of being

-Anne V

Friday, 3 January 2014

Synopsis Catharsis (Nonsense Rhyme #33)

I try daily to write happy poems
But what flows out of me is a medley
Of midnight thoughts macabre bits and bobs
Black is a shade that is hard to understand
It absorbs all light and gives nothing back in return
It has killed quite a few of my spider ferns
(I am Anne the Fern-killer)

10 haikus waiting for publication since 18 August 2013
Supposedly about happy things happy thoughts happy foods
What do the lovely artistic folks at NaHaiWriMo think?
That we can fart out happy thoughts on demand?
In measured metre and cycle? I tried with every bit of effort
To be all sunshiny cotton candy madness
(FFS it did not work I am Anne the poem-killer)

What pours out of my pen is squid-like india ink thoughts
Velvety chiffony gauze sometimes as purple as midnight
Usually as darkly black as the coffee rounds in my mooka pot
No sunlight pierces through the writing gets bluer than blue
Since you are here to visit again I guess you can deal with it
I swear I did try daily to write happy prose
But what flows out of me is black black black hypnosis
(Well it is awful it is melancholy but at least it is catharsis)

Anne V

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Purgatory Outside

(draft from Storyboard 10 of The Cavern)

Standing on the fissures
Steel spun rope

He looks down slowly
Sees the red plasma
Whose Feet are those
All black and bleeding 
Standing on the edge
Of a razor blade judgment
From the end of days

When did this happen
How did we begin
Why this bloody bronco now?
Standing on the line
The wind blows down icily
The air a blast of reality
I try to cover my face

But how does one avoid
The winds of truth
Flung from the dying heavens?

I am reminded of a poster I found
In the olden unbroken days
Of the Internet years
It had a volery of birds
Sitting and chirping happily
On steely lengths of rejection
Shiny coiled barbed wire

Only here it appears that
I am the bird and the wire is rusty
And more barb and less wire
Than it could ever be

While limbo wraps fatally around us
With loving arms of acceptance
Knowing that death and silence
was what we wanted at the end

The wind says a Hail Mary
And blows its stones at us
We walk against the gale
We stop and wait for more
outside of me outside of you
And look down staring
At a waiting death in arms
at crystal shards of voices
At the musical remains
of hope and vocal chords
Wonderingly we ponder who stole
Our shoes and our spirit
Did we ever have any
in this world,is this a world?
Or was the warmth just a dream?

Thoughts of the Cavern abound
As we negotiate the hail
And the icy lava
Wondering if the gates
Would even still exist
When we called him for help

In the nick of time
Guard-space opens up
And we shift into it
With relief and gladness
Leaving the hopelessness
Of this hell behind
A purgatory outside

We will start our own fires
The warmth is wherever we go
Even if we die
We will survive

-Anne V

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

There and back again

Happy 2014!!

I am glad I started writing again in 2012. Since then I have written 203 poems and 2 short stories. I have posted a number of the drafts here online to share with everyone. Made a promise to myself not to throw anything out yet. Yet.

Wishing everyone who visits my little poetry page a prosperous and happy year ahead. May it be better than all the years past. Bless!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Walking the Line (a song of hope)

There is a fine thin line between life and death
And this line is filled with music and rhythm
This line this skinny life-line that holds me to this plane
There is syncopation there is harmony there is style
And it keeps me going through the dry hard days
When I wonder if I wandered across the fields correctly
Or if my decisions thus far have been riddled with errors
A hiccuping tempo rubato down to an interrupted cadence
and an odd shuddering rallentendo of the soul
There is a fine thin line between living and existing isn't it?
Alan Watts once said there is no greater duty than to live
And we have no other work really but to be alive

But what does this mean to live to breathe to be alive?
Is it enough to pass the hours day after day in human pursuits?
Making the front-end and the back-end of life trot in unison
Must I also fill my days with happy thoughts and hope?
Should I stand here and shout at the heavens for a sign
Must I knock on doors and plead soulfully to be heard
What is the reason for these challenges that come thick and fast
Am I paying for my mischief is there some family karma in a past life
Where we must pay tribute to the Fates in some cosmic hunger game?

I know not.

What I know is this, and only this, my dear love
There is a fine thin line between happiness and death
I walk it daily and this fine thin line keeps me alive
With song, with dub-steps, 16-beat music and double pentameter
The line glows orange and red and blue and pink
Always fluorescent now, it keeps me whole and alive
As long as the music I stand as its music chimes
But I know the line can turn wild if I don't respect its power
And so I keep playing the music that keeps it tame
I feel a wind blow down my spine and things go black
This black wind...sometimes it is warm and sometimes cold
I see through a telescoping lens of lines that don't intersect
A carnival mirror of shimmering lines upon lines upon lines
And I realize I am staring down the rest of my life (and yours)

The music plays on and verily, sometimes I run across
Sometimes I walk in abruptly staccato fashion
Sometimes I crawl lumberingly against the black winds
And sometimes I go hand over hand just to be sure of things
At once clown ninja and terminator samurai
Sometimes I am barely hanging on for dear life
And then the music judders and stops, a sudden break
And I know it is now or is up to me.

I have to re-start the music myself. Somehow.

What I know is I must get my eyes back on track
Load and lock on to the horizon ahead tighten the slack
But my soul that resides in my liver questions me
Is there a horizon or anything else left to see?
Is there anything ahead? Another tempo or three?
I stand looking through a telescope of imperfect cadences
And I wonder is this yesterday or am I peering into the future?
Balancing on this thin shining tightrope the music flutters on
Always on call as I wait to be summoned around
Your explainer of things
The interpreter of malapropisms and maladies
The inspector of hopes and heartbeats

I did not ask for this role but it is here
I did not want this role but it is clear
I never expected then that it would be this dear
I am honoured to be here on this tightrope
Standing fast between you and your demons
Pushing oblivion away by the skin of my teeth
Lining up stealthily I await our key to heaven's gate
As we battle nightly between the darkness and the light

There is a fine line between life and death
I do not fear it as long as it has rhythm, it has soul, it pulsates
I dance to its music every day even as it fades
My feet crack and bleed I stumble but I keep dancing
Your smile, your eyebrows, your scintillating commentary, your nose
Your loving heart and unconditional love they keep me going
On a wing and a prayer sent out a hundredfold
A thousand Amens and continuing

(C'est ma famille qui donne sens à ma vie...)

-Anne V

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Blade That Flies

(draft from Storyboard 13 of The Cavern) 

The rain drips down the back of my neck
It drops in little pools all around us
Its cheerful music a mirage for the realities within 
I ignore the death-cold vacuum in your eyes
Put my hand through the liquid glass screen 
onto the fading warmth of your chest
Soon that too will leave me 
and you will really be gone
Your body a brief memory to the world
Your voice an everlasting echo in my head
While the earth embraces you in its belly
What do the space-time journalists gain 
by flashing us your blood splatter
A broken body sprawled across galactic gateways
You were so much more 
than evidence in a black bag
I twist and turn and shift back into guard-space
before the plasma data smugglers can find my location
My body crashes to the ground I've been shot 
the dying world blinks out
The rainwaters ripple like the waves of the sea
I realize I am lying there alone in the levee
with the Angel of Death looming over me
Protecting me from the ancient evil that walks
Preying devilishly the black roads between heaven and hell
Breaching all rules of the space-time continuum
And the most holy Book of Revelations
O celestial ground runner my hero 
He helps me to hide behind his dusky silken cloak
I await your shiny angel wings at the close
(and even your merciful Blade that flies through air, skin and oak)

-Anne V

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Standing Between Silence and Waterfalls

 (a song of hope)

I see the brightening sky it reminds me of their fossilized hate
Send it down please when are you gonna tell me again that it is fate
Fate brought us here onto the same fraying lifeline 
Love made us cosy up and be blind
You are you, such a die-hard hero
And I am I, such an odd weirdo

Standing between silence and waterfalls
Nine years through the time machine we stare back at each other
Does this mean it was meant to be? Do you like how I look in leather?
Hesitate and all is lost? Or should we peer over the edge to look before we leap?
All the old sayings are a crock. Fair love never meant fair weather
Could we ever live on chocolate, gooseberries and heather?

Standing between the rainbow glow and early morning droplets of water
I see the lightening night it reminds me of our growing hope
Send some magic down if you are gonna tell me again that we can cope
Love brought us onto the same rocky pebbled path
Faith made us cosy up warmly and be of one heart 
Do we dare make a go of it or will this raise some (un)divine wrath? 

Standing between silence and waterfalls
Waiting for a sign o Lord
Hit the neon already

[Lightning strike]

-Anne V

Saturday, 28 September 2013

A different breed of gladiator

Your silky arms held me in the dark of night
Angel of silence and of myth
Has anyone looked upon your mighty face
With such longing of heart and desire within
How would they know of your secret heroism
When all that you normally bring to the fold
Is an ending of days and the drying of mists?

Your silky breath warmed me in the cold silent days
Willowy lithe creature of heaven, purgatorio, and hell
Has anyone ever wished you well through the aeons
When such melancholy and hope burn in your eyes
For an end to all these meaningless transient struggles
Should we sing a round to the merry silvery souls
And flip a last macabre hurrah to the gentle night?

Your silky voice soothed me in the deadened afternoons
Avatar of my resolve and my fractured drive to fight on
Has anyone seen you lose a battle of souls so willingly
When your immortal arms begin their mighty thundering
Your voice grainy with such prolonged wind and whispering
To float a despair that cannot end on its own steam
And a forever love that has seen quicksilver lightning?

Your silky faith kept me from going over the edge
Apple of my eye and divine bringer of hope
Has anyone ever seen you throw a fight to lose it
And save a heart-string you could scythe with one fingernail
Help me to understand your sharpened resolve
What is your interest o celestial ground runner
To keep a battered firelight burning in these dying embers?

Your silky love reminded me of why I continue to breathe
Champion of my soul and starlit soldier of heaven
Has anyone seen your loving lightness of being
How you try so hard to hold back the forces within
Underneath that midnight cloak you wrap around
As you use your scythe that doubles as a fairy wand
Gladiator of destiny I await your shiny angel wings at the close

- Anne V

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

we three dance together in the winds

(a requiem to melancholy)

The silence deafens as I stand here
Struggling against the brightening dawn
Or is the morning over even before it's begun?

The blood thickens as it dies unseen
Struggling against the freezing air mid-drip
Are the red fires in me enough to melt your ice?

The view darkens heavily as it expands
Struggling against the rising tide, it presses across
Has the sacrifice balanced her scales yet?

The solitude expands terribly to cover the sky
Thrumming against the ebbing beat, it collides
Is the night here a smokescreen for your death?

The silence defends me as I stand here
No one is judging us but our perceptions, they sigh
The winds are enough to set your heavenly sails a-flight

The blood thickens meaningfully as it drips
Nothing is moving in the thinning air
Deepening holes large enough for the starry night

The view darkens so velvety as it expands
No one left behind to struggle against the rising tide
She is already flying with you high up in the clouds

The solitude expands to cover the sky
Nothing calls in the greying night except our ride
The evening stars a mirage of our Forever light

No struggle no trouble my soul left 5000 sunsets ago
See the world's only a smokescreen for our immortality
We three dance together in the winds at last

-Anne V

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Carb refugee (Nonsense Rhyme #3)

Dreaming of sausage rolls
Salty caramel fudge
Fragrant apple cake
Pineapple tarts all crumbly

Hi-tea desserts galore
Tiramisu brownie
Banana banoffee
Ladoos with ghee

Silly cravings
in my tummy
They will not win
I have taken control of me

I won't die without tea
This low-carb diet
Will never be
the undoing of me

Is there any country
with only meat and vege
a land all sugar-free flour-free
to which I can flee?

-Anne V

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Horizon Is Near (a song of hope)

Follow me here as I stand close to the wire
Close enough to feel my skin sizzle
And the coins in my pocket get warm
Life has been a roller coaster
And all I have is earnest bric-a-brac
From dear emotions of past happiness
You hold my shirt back as I grasp the wire
Both hoping not to be electrocuted
As I find us a new path out of this mad hole
The madness of trying again despite it all
The insanity of attempting success anew
A quest to be who I can be again

Follow me here as I fly close to the wire
My eagle wings are bruised and torn
I have no other life left in me
But have I really given it my all my everything?
Fiery thoughts as I keep trying again and again
To give up is to surrender is to lose my angel wings
Adversity steels the soul even as it hollows my cheeks
When the rings do not come momentarily I falter
Was I never worthy? 10 years surely means a thing
Someone once liked my mind
My sharp cheeky brain for what it was
Enough to keep me in pots and pots of honey

Follow me here as I sit close to the edge
Close enough to feel the vacuum yawning at me
Electricity crackling near delicate eyelashes
I have no other hold to balance me
But your love and your faith in my ability
Life has been shooting darts all year
Through these 4 score and 16 days
And yet we try and try and we try again
Attempting to launch our new life bold
A struggle to live life on our own terms
The fires burn as I fall again so hard
Yet I know I will never cease trying

Follow me as I raise mangled hands up in hope
I will clamber onto this tight-rope of life
My soul is washed clean renewed
Because of your hopeful presence
Quiet unending love so faithful
I thank you for that my darlings
My heart is yours past the pale
Love stands fast to eternity and beyond
The wires cut me not
Their sizzle no longer burns 
I hold on and climb my way back up
The horizon is near

-Anne V

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Friday, 16 August 2013

Intuition ( 俳句 Day 16)

the smell of lightning
I feel you packing your bags
rainstorms chase us home

-Anne V

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pencil ( Verse First - challenge)

Feel the velvet firmness
O dark, grainy, sensual nib
Thoughts flow out of you
Deeply honeyed ribbons of hope
Pressing spiritually against the page
So smooth yet lovingly lined anticipation
Vellum whispers of desires untold
Softly accepting rivers of offerings
Ah, to be marked by you
o sexy sexy Pencil 8B

-Anne V

Poet United's writing challenge: Verse First ~ Edit to Elevate
Writing about a pencil! This is an old poem that I thought would fit this challenge, so i edited it to elevate the verse to something artistic and desirable. Hope it is not too shabby a piece and that I got it right.

The Door ( trial run of Verse First challenge)

Cries behind the locked door
Frantically appealing
As if the universe is ending
How will we survive
Will there be food for baby's supper?
Scratching your door for dear life
Starvation beckons: It is do or die
Life bleeding out in the silence
Are you dying too? I will rescue you
Claw-marks in the wood grain
Kittycat o fat fluffy kittycat
Didn't you just eat a tuna dinner
Before we called it a night?
The door creaks open in surrender

-Anne V

Poet United's writing challenge: Verse First ~ Edit to Elevate
This is a new poem that I tried out specifically for the writing challenge on Poet's United today, i.e. edit to elevate the mundane into something artistic, thus I wrote about my bedroom door.  :)

The Sense of Touch ( 俳句 Day 15)

lightly whispering
I feel your soft eyelashes
butterfly kisses

-Anne V

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Smell/Nose ( 俳句 Day 13)

sea air hits my face
saltiness comes through closed lips
My nose tastes freedom

-Anne V

Monday, 12 August 2013

Sunday, 11 August 2013

my soul lives between dimensional trails

My thoughts glimmer out of my dreams
Almost akin to silver gossamer threads
Connecting me with stories of my past
Shaking me out of my train of refusals
And linking my soul with present desires
My subconscious arises like a shadow
It has its own breath and heart-beat
And a rhythm much like a living beast
Struggling to live in 3D while I exist in 2D

My thoughts where do they go in the dark
When I close my eyes to rest to sleep
My id and my ego have insomnia - they creep
They poke me with memory's small darts
A reminder of the many yesterdays we've been apart
I close my eyes bleary-eyed sink through the tide
And type out my soul hoping for gerberas
Then I despair at the lack of equi-rhyme
How far underwater does poetic licence go?

My thoughts cascade out of my consciousness
Almost like swollen waters overflowing a riverbank
I sleep a non-sleep as my memory and my dreams
Tussle and clash, making me wonder which is real
Which reality is merely a figment of my dreamscapes
I bellow as the thoughts flow_____
Stand back or we shall attack_____
And then I am stopped in my tracks ____
Who is we? Did my other selves show?

My thoughts pool in a dark lake of gravity
I can't see the bottom in my sleep - is this guilt
A column of flashes arise from the black
They seem angelic and mystical - even joyful
Shining glowing with moon-fire magical
As the darkness of the mind-waters coalesce
Bearing down on me I sink bottomlessly
Descending far beneath will there be a lake bed
Or is this it - am I going to fall through the earth?

My thoughts float 6 feet above my head
And all breathing stops it isn't necessary
A blackish greenish glow is this for real
I see huge tree-like forms growing miles beneath
My id and my ego have turned into little mermaids
And my mum dances with webbed cherubim
Surrounded by a choir of angels her dimples glow
She nods at me forgivingly for my decade of rage
I see glowing faces my head spins is heaven up or down?

My thoughts jolt me in the face a shot electric
Almost like an icy reality-slap upside the head
My mother's brown eyes stare into mine
Her dimples glow of love and peace
She retreats into green caves of mystical moon-fires
I look at her helplessly hopeful I can follow
But I start falling upwards through the lake
And wonder if gravity has been reversed
I fall up crash and land with a hard thud

My thoughts trickle out like tiny raindrops
The lake is miles away my mum's face hazy
The night dew has an icy coldness
Reality bites no more inner spaces
If my imagination could set sail
Crossing between a multi-dimensional trail
With my astral selves in control of the veil
We would dance merrily dreamily - live life bold
No conscience burning no guilty heaps of coal

-Anne V